Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Industrial Loft

Decades ago these downtown buildings were nothing but "make-shifts" homes, for both living and working purposes, for those who couldn´t afford having the same spaces separately. Today, because of their particularities of construction, they are one of the most sought after types of housing.
The very high ceiling, the large windows, the original wooden floorboards and the solid brick wall make these commercial buildings into trendy, classy and artistic living spaces.
Privacy is something not so easy to achieve in an open space, but still, they exude a sense of creativity and edge feel that I really appreciate.
The concept board that I've designed has a raw industrial decor, with contemporary steel and vintage modern metal furniture with a twist of masculine so it can fit better in the atmosphere of the urban living.
Would you considered living in a place like this?


Vanessa said...


Ana said...

yes! absolutely!! i really like brick walls (i don't know, it reminds me of Harry Potter) and that masculine twist is really cool :)

Nuno said...

Estava um loft lindo a venda em symonds street. Enorme, bem decorado, excelente local... Mas, nao muito barato. LOL

Gabriela Formiga said...

Aii, não me digas isso Nuno! E se comprássemos a meias? (e pedíamos contribuições aos respectivos também) ;)